Birds in the Desert

(Scott) #1

I do enjoy the desert addition. You have made a flat road interesting. Maybe you can add a few California Condors flying around the area. A Roadrunner would be nice too and if a there was coyote chasing it then that would be cool.

(Jim) #2

And maybe some California quail taking a dust bath?

(larry) #3

how aout some spectators

(Jim) #4

Yeah. Where are all the zombies?!?

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(donny) #5

there are some rather large birds around, sitting on top of buildings and signs and things. hard to tell exactly what they are, but the have to be at least 6 feet tall based on scale in game.

there’s also a roadrunner running around, and i’ve heard it actually is being chased by a coyote

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #6

They’re on the train that’s going to smash into the rock wall in the tunnel

(Z Kryder) #7

It’s vultures. I had a great picture of them from the high camera view…but I can’t find it.

(Z Kryder) #8

Found it.

(Terry) #9

that’s an awesome shot!

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #10

Hi @Zee_Kryder, How do you get those High Shots.

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(Steven Robinson (CycleChat)) #11

There’s definitely a roadrunner - I’ve seen it twice in the section between the sprint and the old west style town. No coyote though to my knowledge (or any ACME devices!)

(Michiel) #12

It would be great fun to have a coyote or road runner as pacers. Or bird food and ACME stuff as new power ups!:grinning:.

(_) #13

If there was ever a coyote running along the side of the road I’d chase it. Gimme that coyote draft.

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(Lin) #14

Your avatar left me no choice, I had no choice to give you a like and reply. I loved that show when I was a kid! :+1:

(_) #15

Mr. Roarke can make anything happen for you on Watopia Island, but are you prepared for the consequences? Great show even 40 years later. Maybe I should call back those coyotes…

(Daniel) #16

That must be either the drone or the bird’s view. You can choose them by either pressing “9” or “0” on the keyboard.

And with the drone, you can use “+” and “-” to zoom in or out.

This is for Zwift on PC or Mac.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #17

thanks I do know of of those options, but we can’t zoom out that far. must be a developer view.

(E) #18

I’m running on a MacBook Pro and cannot zoom the drone (helicopter - 8) or bird’s eye - 9 views at all with the + or - keys. What am I missing? Any ideas?

(Jim) #19

On Windows, only the orbital view (‘0’) zooms in and out with +/-. Also, in that view, the cursor keys control pan/tilt. Note that pan cannot be adjusted when approaching a turn, since left/right become route selection keys even in orbital view. In contrast, you can’t ever use down arrow for a u-turn in orbital view; it always controls tilt.