Birds in the Desert

I do enjoy the desert addition. You have made a flat road interesting. Maybe you can add a few California Condors flying around the area. A Roadrunner would be nice too and if a there was coyote chasing it then that would be cool.

And maybe some California quail taking a dust bath?

how aout some spectators

Yeah. Where are all the zombies?!?

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there are some rather large birds around, sitting on top of buildings and signs and things. hard to tell exactly what they are, but the have to be at least 6 feet tall based on scale in game.

there’s also a roadrunner running around, and i’ve heard it actually is being chased by a coyote

They’re on the train that’s going to smash into the rock wall in the tunnel

It’s vultures. I had a great picture of them from the high camera view…but I can’t find it.

Found it.


that’s an awesome shot!

Hi @Zee_Kryder, How do you get those High Shots.

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There’s definitely a roadrunner - I’ve seen it twice in the section between the sprint and the old west style town. No coyote though to my knowledge (or any ACME devices!)

It would be great fun to have a coyote or road runner as pacers. Or bird food and ACME stuff as new power ups!:grinning:.

If there was ever a coyote running along the side of the road I’d chase it. Gimme that coyote draft.

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Your avatar left me no choice, I had no choice to give you a like and reply. I loved that show when I was a kid! :+1:

Mr. Roarke can make anything happen for you on Watopia Island, but are you prepared for the consequences? Great show even 40 years later. Maybe I should call back those coyotes…

That must be either the drone or the bird’s view. You can choose them by either pressing “9” or “0” on the keyboard.

And with the drone, you can use “+” and “-” to zoom in or out.

This is for Zwift on PC or Mac.

thanks I do know of of those options, but we can’t zoom out that far. must be a developer view.

I’m running on a MacBook Pro and cannot zoom the drone (helicopter - 8) or bird’s eye - 9 views at all with the + or - keys. What am I missing? Any ideas?

On Windows, only the orbital view (‘0’) zooms in and out with +/-. Also, in that view, the cursor keys control pan/tilt. Note that pan cannot be adjusted when approaching a turn, since left/right become route selection keys even in orbital view. In contrast, you can’t ever use down arrow for a u-turn in orbital view; it always controls tilt.


doing about 40 km per hour