Halloween content?

Anyone see anything around? I didn’t catch anything but I also wasn’t looking super carefully.

It’s not yet Halloween, so I wouldn’t expect too much before then.

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Usually Halloween stuff is only for one day but there is a spooky pumpkin next to Watopia on the login screen so… who knows?

i saw a caution sign in the desert that has a UFO on it, can’t remember if that was there before or not. (i think it used to have a road runner on it?) also, were there always so many saguaro cactuses? and a sign that looks like “saguaro crossing”?

the graphics on stuff in the desert seemed improved overall, but maybe only because i was paying more attention.

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If you look in the installation directory, there’s files for aliens and astronauts, as well as special files for the bots. So the UFO sign is consistent with that.

You can see the Alien and Astronaut files here (Mac):
~/Library/Application\ Support/Zwift//data/Humans/Male/Textures

pacer files are here:
~/Library/Application\ Support/Zwift//data/UI/WhiteOrangeTheme/Zwift_Pacer

I think that’s been happening gradually. The last couple of updates before this one seem to have improved the graphics in the desert.

The rubber ducky in the geysers is newish I think

Did ADZ today and first time noticed the yellow laser off the top of the mountain at night. Might always be there but never noticed! Too busy breathing lol

No that’s been there since titans Grove debuted

No - that’s been there all along provided you summit during Watopia’s nighttime

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That’s amazing - I have been through there maybe more than anywhere else in Zwift and I never noticed it.

Have they fixed the turn display on ADZ as well? It used to switch off after turn 1. Now at the banner.

Anyone hear anything about tomorrow? I hope it’s another scavenger hunt!

I think it is only the Halloween pacer bots.

Bummer - it sounds pretty annoying from what lots of people have said