Bird Watchers >>> learn while riding?

Thought it would be fun to add to the GAME:
Birdwatchers routes - where a bird would pop into the screen and would have info on the bird. You could learn name, bird sound, habitat…
some distraction for long rides…

I thought I’d seen everything that could be requested as a feature.

But no, Nicole came up with this.

Interesting concept.


I just want the deer in Watopia to move again :pensive:

What about the gnomes in Yorkshire; can we get some history on them as well?
On the same subject… at the JWB sprint, has anyone sat and listened to the seals before? It’s quite the experience.

You may enjoy the national park cycling game Riders of the Wild, you can wishlist it on Steam but unsure of a release date.

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This reminds me of when I used to go on evening rides in Yorkshire - within a few miles of the Harrogate UCI circuit - and hear Curlews in the fields. In fact, just thinking about this has reminded me of another ride in Scotland where I stopped because I realised there were a load of Curlew chicks close to the road and I spent about 10 minutes watching them.

For a few of us, things like that are part of what makes us love getting out into the countryside and cycling. And that’s part of why I stop my Zwift subscription in summer to make sure I go out and appreciate the natural world.

No simulation will ever get that feeling right. :slight_smile:

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How to initate the reboot sequene of a chicken:


I’m all onboard with this. Different birds in different habitats, a Zwift Bird Life List, badges to earn. I like it.

As long as the Yeti shows up once a week… I don’t need birds - But then… I’ll gladly trade the streak screen for a “identify the bird” challenge after each ride :grin:


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Zwift will probably implement this before fixing the elevation profile in France.


How about Australian section of Watopia - ride along and magpies attack you. :wink:


This sounds like a good option for new steering game. A Repack Rush alternative.