Event Suggestion

I was participating in a ToW stage this morning chatting with other riders. And I noticed that a lot of folks are unfamiliar with various easter eggs / Historical points of note in game. Now I’m a history teacher and know how that depth of understanding of a place can create a more meaningful connection to things (Like paying customers to a nonline riding simulator!). My suggestion is to have a sub 2 tour of Watopia by a member of the OG developers with stops at certain points of interest and other narration with details of the game’s build out ect. I know from may old timers that I only know some of the stories and know others that would find this a fascinating opportunity to share in that special small world feel that many OG riders have of the development of Zwift. Just a thought.

Upvoted because I love this idea.

Check this thread out:v Titans Grove Velociraptors?! (and other Easter Eggs)

On the Cat B ToW ride today, someone pointed out the Julynn Washington Bridge (JWB) named after a Zwift beta tester, veteran and cancer survivor: US Army Veteran, Cancer Survivor, Zwift Beta Tester | Zwift

There’s “May Field”, the running track named after Zwift founder Jon Mayfield.