I'm bored

OK, I’m kinda kidding but I just want to express something that crossed my mind, to see where this leads.

I am at work and just about to leave for home and do a workout. And suddenly I realized I was think “Oh, not Watopia - again!!!”. I know it’s up to me to make the most of it - and I will find a new way to stoke up the motivation by the time I get home - but one of the things I was excited about with Zwift was the possibility of various courses.

I certainly understand that it’s still in beta (although, when I was kindly let into the program last year, I thought the release date was a lot earlier). I also understand that resources need to be managed and course development takes a while. But there’s a very nice island I recall from a few months ago that I’d really like to revisit, just to mix it up and avoid yet another lap around Watopia.

Is there any possibility of allow us to choose either of the two islands when we kick off Zwift? It seems to me there is the critical mass of riders now to support this.

Two cents…


Looking at Facebook it probably seems that my post here was a plant :slight_smile: It wasn’t and it’s good to hear about an upcoming new course. But I do hope that Zwift won’t close down Watopia and consider re-opening Zwift Island.

Having the choice was, I initially assumed (wrongly), one of the draws of Zwift and I do hope we can all help beta test the multi-course functionality soon :slight_smile:


Indeed - good to have a new course today - but missing Watopia already! I see from the email that they are going to be switched weekly, and that later we’ll be able to choose, but I for one am not quite so keen on the urban ride - but it does make a change. At least there’s no traffic lights on the course! I do like the longer lap length though - although it meant that there wasn’t so many other real riders to try and hang on to nearby… 

I think the Richmond map is fantastic! The ride is just like being in Richmond – except without the Confederate monuments along Monument Avenue. This past Friday I was running along the canal walk, past Rocketts Landing, and then up to Libby Park Hill and was noticing all the sprucing up and preparation that was being done for the UCI races. This morning, as I rode past some of the warehouses approaching Libby Park in game, I was impressed that the city had removed all the graffiti on the warehouse on East Main Street – then I realized that I was in the game! Just awesome immersion!


As you said, I’m sure it’s a critical mass of riders issue. If you only have 50 people riding you kinda have to all be riding the same course to have any social interaction. So do your part! Bang out another few laps on Zwift island!