I would like to have more distraction during my workouts. Like animals at the side of the road, or crossing the road. Maybe cars, ufo’s or wathever

Good idea, but no roadkill though!

The odd wildebeest, zebra, rhino etc and on the The Mountain a pack of Lions (or Cheetahs for cat A riders) to give a little incentive to push things a little please.

Oh and dolphins and killer whales for the marine areas.


It’s nice seeing the occasional bird flying around in the new Jungle section, so yes, more critters would be cool.  

In London, they should be foxes - we have plenty of urban foxes here!

Bears for Richmond?

There should definitely be foxes in London when they make it night time.  It’s amazing how many one sees cycling in London at night going through the bins and stuff.

I’ve had a deer pace me along a farm road (a real outdoor ride), it made for an interesting ride.  It would be nice to see stuff like that in Zwift too.