Dog companion runner

(James) #1

In real life, my dog is my constant walking / running companion. How fun would it be to have a furry friend trotting along beside you in the Zwift world too! Maybe offer one as a prize for completing a challenge.

(Alex Fuller|all3sports) #2

Haha - fun idea. I’d probably have jogging stroller.

(David) #3

But it’s a bit dangerous if the dog is not on a leash, he could run after the riders. :smiley:

(Svenne) #4

And with a leach it’s dangerous for the cyclists. Come on…:thinking:

(Matthias) #5

Why not? Especially once there are mtb singletrails :wink: on Zwift. Have you ever seen trail dogs? Amazing!

(Adam) #6

Very nice idea! )

(Melanie) #7

This gets my vote!!! I have 2 Brittanys and I take them everywhere!!! I’d love to get a dog :dog: in zwift with me!

(Mike) #8

This is a fantastic idea and would love to see this on Zwift especially as my real dog can’t run anymore due to her age.

(Ricky Dee) #9

Different dog breeds for different level unlocks? :grinning: