Add Cats at the side of the road to attract cat-friendly riders

(Benjamin Grauer) #1

As the Simulation of Zwift is getting more and more realistic and aiming at pro-style athletes, I believe that the addition of cats at the side of the road might help to attract a broader demographics.

I have found a link for 3D Models here:

(Michael Henasey) #2

how about a basket for the front of your bike and you can carry your cat in the basket while you ride?

(Jon Mayfield) #3

We have pretty big cat plans coming in the future.  Orange cats, black cats, white cats, partially spotted cats, cats in your jersey pockets, cats as helmets (it’s a bit controversial, I admit), etc. 

Also, lizard people, we’ve not forgotten about you either. Stay tuned.

(Michael Henasey) #4


(Duane Gran [Vision]) #5

Boo to all the dog lovers down voting this.  :)

(Karissa Minn) #6

Best suggestion - and response - ever. :smiley:

(Chris. K EssexRoadsCC.) #7

None of those wierd naked cats please, they are just wrong.

(Tim Corso) #8

Tigers are orange, black and white and get this; they’re cats. Just made for Swift branding. Puuuurrfect!

(Tim Heffner (S9R p/b Vittoria)) #9

How about, for increased realism, a person walking a dog on a long leash where the dog randomly moves into the street and across your path?  When the rider crosses the leash, the rear wheel can immediately lockup like a simulated crash (when on a smart trainer) l!   Oh, then the dog owner can cuss out the rider too, because streets are for cars!  


(Hamid Abugideiri) #10

Well if your going to have cats, then you have to have chasing dogs that bite at your feet or rear tire.  But then that would mean you have to add “pepper spray” to the list of the mobile app options :slight_smile:

Just kidding animal lovers, but only a little… I hate being chased.