Swooping magpies

Can we include some swooping magpies in the game to make the Aussies feel at home!

As someone who has suffered cut ears and neck, I fully support this feature request! Would make me feel right at home having to fight them off. Zwift could randomly have a magpie swoop you on a ride. You’d halve your power output and your avatar would flail its arms around for about 15 seconds. Bit like an anti-powerup!!!

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I hope Zwift spends their time improving product quality and adding new routes. Magpie lovers should probably get a pet bird. Training it to attack you should be relatively easy.

Zwift cannot add magpies because they did not add any AUS roads! :wink:


When we finally get some AUS roads they need to include … snakes sunning themselves in the middle of the road, magpies swooping, spiders at the coffee shop, sharks and crocodiles in the water … and not to forget Drop Bears!

Lol! Expecting Zwift to focus on product quality and additional routes?! Not going to happen! Look what we got in the last update … ohhhhhh a new font! Aaaaaaaamazing! (In case it’s not clear cos we’re using a text based medium, I’m being sarcastic).

Sorry to be cynical but we’re much more likely to get magpies than a gradient percentage in the Companion app which has been requested by many more people and for far longer. Not to mention customisable/bigger map and gradient widget in the main app, also been requested for literally years with more than 500 votes on that topic.

Zwift don’t seem to care about stuff that might make our experience better, so who knows, we might magpies in the next release …

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We’ve already committed toa Makuri expansion.

Level 50-60
Updated browsing workout experience in Home Screen
Ride On Bombs
Further work (behind scenes) to allow for PB Pace Partners

4 of the 5 above have been heavily requested by our users, some for considerable amounts of time.


i’ve never been swooped by a magpie, but i have been swooped by a red wing blackbird.

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