I did a few laps yesterday and confirmed for myself what i thought id noticed on my first few tentative laps of Zwift island. Is it my imagination or does the whole of Zwift island graphics reset every lap, aside from the Zwift airship and the time of day? It makes me laugh and cry a little watching that pelican do the same loop every time i pass the bay area. I assume this will be improved over time? If your marketing is truly aligning Zwift as an MMO, no MMO i ever played had Animal NPCs on repetitive loops. There also seem to be a few trees that don’t quite touch the ground, most notably the giant cedar (i think?) that you actually ride through at one point on the climb.

Kelly, you do actually ride through the tree, similar to a Giant Redwood.

yep i know, but what i said was that that particular tree doesnt quite touch the ground. i looks wierd.