The Bear is Back And a Couple Other Things

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #1

First, I want to commend the Zwift Island Department of Transportation for getting the roads cleared so quickly after the recent storm!

I thought the Bear had gone into hibernation the last couple of updates but I think I saw him fall out of the tree near the Snowman tonight!

Love the new holiday stuff although it feels a bit odd riding from palm trees tand sail boats to a snow capped hillside! GiveS new respect to the power and majesty of Col d’Zwift. Like the Stelvio the weather up there can be a bit unpredictable! :slight_smile:

Love how the new timer cycles through the placements as your time progresses. Excellent change.

I still want to see at least 1-5 placements in the post banner summary. Sometimes on an effort and my brain is oxygen deprived I forget what the times were…so after going under the banner I’d like to see the 1-5 or so placement, with a break and jump to my placement with maybe the one above and below me.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems some of the graphics when passing another rider are still a bit jarring…that is when the bike turns to pass it turns hard to one side then straight again. I felt like last update this was smoother although perhaps I am just imagining it or just not recalling correctly…this is particularly noticeable when there are idle riders at the orange sprint point and the game swerves you into the left lane to avoid them.

I was struck tonight by how far things have come in roughly 6-7 weeks. There were nearly 20 riders on tonight…so many that the rider list scrolled past the bottom of my screen at one point. I remember early on when we were posting the times we planned to ride so we would could scrounge up some company.

Really enjoying being along for this ride…literally and figuratively.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Thanks for the excellent feedback, Greg! I’ll ask about the graphics/animation issue and see if we changed anything there (though, IIRC, we have not yet).