Saris H3

Hello. I can’t seem to finish or move past step 3 in the caliberation process for my H3. The screen says to accelerate to 22 mph, then hold the speed, but it never progresses. I have held that for up to 5 minutes before I have given up. I have tried this multiple times on different days and different devices.

Just calibrate your trainer in the Saris App.
The calibration is stored in the trainer.
It’s always best to calibrate with the manufacturers app.

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@Gerrie_Delport has one of those and could assist you.

That is what I did and I figured would work, but I was told by Zwift it needed to be calibrated on Zwift. I was just going on as if everything was fine.

Yes Paul is correct I use the Saris H3.

It does calibrate without any issues using ANT+ on Windows 10.

I have hear of issues with Bluetooth.

You can calibrate using the SARIS App and get a proper calibration. Calibration is stored on the trainer, so calibration in the Saris App will be correct to Zwift