MY Saris H3 is misbehaving a bit since last update

Just checking to see if any other Saris users are in the same boat. Mine is just not reporting watts very well. And stalled on a hill on me. It also wouldn’t calibrate in game. I exited Zwift and successfully calibrated it in the Saris app (I might do this all the time now).

No issues with my H3. Never calibrate with Zwift. Use the Saris app or in the ROUVY app.

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Thanks!! Hopefully the calibration in the Saris App smartened it up - I’ll have to wait until next ride though.

Zwift removed the in-game calibration for Saris H3 users recently because of a.bug (it was crashing Zwift).

But it’s always best to use the manufacturer’s app to calibrate anyway, and Zwift will advise this themselves.

Or you can do what I do…do not calibrate. Caveats are that I do not race and I have P1s to compare. As long as they within a couple of percentage points in the “sweet spot”, say 150-300 watts, I leave it alone. My personal belief is that calibrating can cause as much harm as good (probably leftover from my Snap days). I ride in the garage so I do check after large outdoor temperature swings…this is Texas after all.

Only on Bluetooth. ANT+ can still calibrate.


I assume you are using ATV and are paring with Bluetooth. There are issues with bluetooth. Don’t worry it is not your trainer. :wink:


That’s interesting have faced an FCN issue with my Direto XR which got better with the last Update… i knew it has to be a software issue but something in the meta is wired and confuses trainers apparently

Kind of the best result I was hoping for. I calibrated with the Saris app and it seems all good. Connectivity is shitty sometimes but I should just be grateful that this technology even exists and not complain about a few watts that go missing here and there.

I am connected with ANT+ and was having calibration issues… but I’ll double check that next time I get a chance.