Hi. The step #3 to calibrate is supposed to have a duration of how many minutes? I cycle about 10 minutes and nothing happen. Is it normal?

Are you calibrating through Zwift or the trainer manufacturer’s app?

Always use the manufacturer’s app to calibrate your trainer, and not Zwift.

I tried both (Saris and Zwift). Same result. The calibration never finish.

That would tend to indicate that it isn’t a Zwift problem. I would contact Saris support, though it’s worth doing a search on these forums to see if anything turns up on Saris calibration. Which Saris trainer is it?

Saris H3

With Zwift the instructions are misleading, certainly with my Wahoo kickr.

Don’t just get the speed up to over 37kph and sit there. Instead accelerate as fast as you can to well over 37. It will then tell you to stop pedalling and let the trainer freewheel to a halt.

Thank you. I have also sent ans email to Saris.