Can't re-sync Zwift with my trainer after mid-session recalibration

I’m an owner of Saris M2 Smart trainer. It’s a wheel-on machine, so requires frequent calibrations, it’s recommended to calibrate it each time before starting your training.

So usually I would first spin for 5-10 minutes in Saris’ own app (because it’s better to warm up the machine, for better accuracy), then calibrate it - and only then I would start Zwift and begin my training.

I’ve found a video guide on YT recently that claims you can do a calibration mid-session, without interrupting your ride. You just do some warm up, then stop, desync your trainer, switch to your trainer’s calibration app, do the thing, close it, get back to Zwift, re-sync your trainer and just go on with your ride. I really would like to employ it, so all my time spinning would go to one ride. It seems to be for PC version, but I expected it to work for Android as well.

But so far, no luck. I’m not quite sure what’s going wrong, but after I complete calibration in Saris app, I either can’t sync my trainer in Zwift again, or it seems to get synced, but doesn’t work properly (no interactivity, and resistance seem to be way off, doesn’t match the reading in the app too).

Simply restarting Zwift and resuming my activity sovles the syncing problem (so it doesn’t seem like it’s hardware issue), but adds to inconvenience. There is clearly something wrong with the part of app that handles this syncing, this scenario needs proper QA with different brands of trainer.

Have anybody else encountered this issue as well?