Saris H3 won't connect to my MacBook Air

Greetings. Im having trouble getting my MacBook to connect with my new H3. I updated the H3 via my iPad mini. I am running the latest Zwift updates. bluetooth is on. When I open Zwift the h3 doesn’t show up when its trying to connect. What am I missing? I can connect to my iPad mini, and iPhone, but I want to use the MacBook. phone is too small and the iPad is dying…

First thought is that your trainer signal is being grabbed by another program or device. I believe the H3 has a blinking led that goes solid when it’s connected to an app or device. Does your H3 continually blink?
Also insure that Bluetooth is enabled on your Mac.

The green light continues to blink, searching for something to connect to. Bluetooth is enabled on my Mac. I connected BT headphones to the mac to verify that its working. just can’t seem to find my H3…

If you open the Saris app on your Mac does it find your trainer? Try updating your trainer and calibrate it using the Saris app running on your Mac.

Out of curiosity, with your H3 trying to connect if you open settings->Bluetooth on your Mac are there any devices connected?

There isn’t a saris app for Mac… least not that I can find. Only the mobile version. In the Bluetooth settings on my Mac, I removed app other connections and the h3 does not show up. In Zwift, the H3 does not show up. Maybe I need a dongle? Figured the BT on my Mac would handle it…

There is a way to “reset” your BT on your Mac but you’ll need to Google how to do it. It looks simple. However, the ANSELF ANT+ dongle has solved a lot of issues for a lot of user maybe worth a try.

Anself USB ANT+ Stick for Garmin Forerunner 310XT 405 405CX 410 610 910 011-02209-00

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If your iPad is already bonded to the trainer’s Bluetooth signal - that’s the likely problem right there. Be sure to “forget” the trainer in iOS settings, and also uninstall the Saris app after you’ve finished calibrating because it’s likely that the Saris app is bonding to the trainer’s signal before your fire up the Zwift app.

Also- how old is that Macbook, and does it have build-in hardware support of Bluetooth v4.x? If not, get yourself a USB dongle. I’d recommend an ANT dongle over a BLE dongle.

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@shooj if his trainer was already paired to his iPad wouldn’t the LED on the trainer show the connection? In the case of the H3 it would be a solid blue LED. He mentions that his trainer LED is blinking green which indicates that it is in pairing mode.
I have found that if I had linked my trainer using BT on my iPad to another app like FulGaz I had to force close FulGaz in order to get my trainer to pair with Zwift. Otherwise my Hammer Cyclops by Saris would just blink blue looking for a connection. Just a FWI it normally blinks green until it finds either a BT or ANT+ connection.

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Resetting the Bluetooth on my Mac WORKED!!! Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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