Saris H3 flashing green but reading connected in Zwift

I’ve had my Saris H3 for a year. Works perfectly. But just this week I went to ride everything connected perfectly like usual but in my structured training there was no increased resistance

Noticed the green flashing light during the ride. Normally it’s solid white as it should be

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Same here with Saris H1 since the last update.

See " [Zwift Update Causing Calibration Problems - Jan 25, 2023]"

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Same here with H1 with the latest update. ANT+. Trainer flashes green but won’t go white when connected as usually does. On W10 Zwift shows the sensors are connected and in game the W/kg change but there is no resistance. W10 shows the ANT+ is operating normally.

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This was related to the Ant+ bugs introduced in Zwift version 1.33.0 and then fixed a few days later in version 1.33.1. If your are somehow still using 1.33.0, use Bluetooth (via Zwift Companion or via your PC) to workaround until you upgrade Zwift.

The update/rollback fixed the problem for the H1.