Saris H3 Dropouts

Hi all, I know you probably see enough of these but it’s really getting me down so thought I’d post here. I’ve had few issues since buying a new Saris H3 turbo in May last year but recently it’s been terrible and every other minute I lose cadence and power and it may or may not correct itself.

I get the same issue with Rouvy but not as bad so determined it’s not a software issue.

My setup:
Acer Nitro 5 laptop - decent spec
Saris H3
Garmin Ant+ dongle - straight into laptop so maybe 1-2m away
Garmin dual HR

Normally I have an android tablet playing spotify to bluetooth speaker but turned that off to try and help. I had phone instead playing music on wired Hesh 3 headphones but realise that wifi connection may have interupted signal. I was also running wifi analyzer app and there were no droputs and running at circa 60hz.
I also have Samsung watch paired to same phone.
In the room I also have another work mobile connected to wifi and work laptop - switched off.
I also have Google home in the same room.

Wifi running on channel 44 in 5Ghz mode.

I did a test ride this evening for 8km and zwiftaliser log didn’t look too happy.

Yikes! Your ANT+ device signal was up and down like a fiddler’s elbow. Your environment is the most likely cause.

ANT+ weak signal times

Channel 1 Device 14370

17:52:23, 17:52:27, 17:57:54, 17:58:11, 17:58:48, 18:00:36, 18:01:20, 18:02:21, 18:02:40, 18:03:54, 18:04:12, 18:04:28, 18:04:37

Channel 2 Device 14793 PowerTap PowerTap SLC+, PowerTap SL+, PowerTap Pro+, PowerTap Elite+, PowerTap 2.4+, PowerBeam Pro, PowerSync


Where should I start?

There is another (long) thread on the forum about H3 issues. Have you read through that?

Hi @Michael_Shannon

I would start with a usb Extension cable. I have a H3 and Windows 10 PC and I don’t get any dropouts.

Thanks @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ I have a 3m extension cable ordered for delivery tomorrow so will give it a try. I’ve opted for ant+ as I believe it’s more stable and was trying to eliminate the dropouts one by one. I’m hoping it will allow me to then use BT for other things like music.

@Nigel_Tufnel, yes I have seen the post thanks (amongst others of course) but it is mostly referring to either bluetooth dropouts or Apple products.

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Thanks again @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

I did another test today with a 3m extension cable and pleased to say there were no ant+ dropouts. I’m not really sure what the Channel 1 / Channel 2 info is telling me but there looks to be something cyclical about the signal on channel 1.

For info for others with ANt+ issues this is what I did:

disabled USB selective suspending in power options
made sure the laptop was running in high performance mode (plugged in)
switched off my fan
switched off my work laptop / dock / monitor / google home / work mobile / tablet
switched off wifi / BT on my personal mobile
took off my Samsung watch and left it in another room
unplugged an unused BT dongle for the laptop mouse
used a 3m extension cable for my ant+ dongle which now sits above the light on the turbo
I also had no spotify running on any device

It might have been luck so will try again later this week and slowly introduce some BT / wifi devices.

Channel 1 is your trainer, and I suspect channel 2 is your Heartrate monitor or a cadence sensor. Channel 2 is the worst of the 2 if it is a HR monitor try to replace the battery.

Channel 1 has distinct drops every 3-4 minutes. that I can’t explain.

You can try to eliminate stuff.
You can use this tool to look at your log file while riding (you have to refresh the page to make it update)

Thanks again. I’ll give that a go if I still have problems.

Did a 2hr ride this morning and 0 ant+ drop outs.

Very happy now thanks

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