Troubleshooting ANT+ dropouts

HI all. I am trying to troubleshoot an ANT+ dropout issue. Saris H3. Windows 10 computer. I was using the Kinect antenna initially, but now I am using an ANT+ dongle with extension cord near my rear dropout. I uploaded to Zwiftalizer and the interference seems very regular (almost exactly every 4 minutes). I wonder what device might be causing such a regular interference pattern? Fan? Bluetooth speakers (not connected)? Wireless router? OLED TV? Thanks for any thoughts!

PS - I tried to use the snipping tool to upload an image of the Zwiftalizer log file. How do you do that?



Been a while since I’ve been on a Windows machine, but here goes. Check the power save settings of your laptop. Disable it for the purpose of testing. Also check the power management of the USB system IIRC there is a “USB selective suspend” setting that you should probably disable.

Also, you might try a different USB port as well if still having issues after disabling the USB selective suspend.

Not sure if needed, but reboot after making the above changes.