Drop outs - at regular intervals, help appreciated

Hi, I keep getting power drops which last for 2-3 secs, they seem to happen every 3min 40secsish at regular intervals…

I have a Saris H2, ANT+ connection to a desktop PC with windows 11.

Thoughts and help appreciated.

Firstly, how close is your ant+ dongle to your trainer?

That’s the primary cause of this kind of behaviour. Even if its been working fine for months one day it’ll just start doing this if it’s not pretty much sat next to your trainer.

Ant+ is pretty robust and doesn’t suffer interference like BT does.
Secondly make sure you turn off power saving on your USB slots.

not sure if this is true?

it is a 2.4ghz signal so wifi could interfere with it. It is also a well known problem that if someone turns a microwave on near by it pretty much kills ant+

agree on getting the dongle as close to your set up as possible, sometimes just changing the usb port you have it in can help.

if you’re able to try bluetooth to rule out it being a trainer issue.


Moved my Dongle as close as possible ie. touching and it seems to of improved, just one drop out. Thanks

Moved the dongle closer and switched USB port and extension cable, seems to be better, thanks.

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One dropout is still unusual for ant+ which is rock solid ordinarily.

Keep us posted on progress as there’s other things we can try.

Update…switched to bluetooth, have a bluetooth dongle connected to my PC. No drop-outs and everything worked as it should

all the best people use bluetooth!

glad it is sorted