ANT+ drop outs and 10 second delay using BLE

Hi I have been getting a lot of ANT+ dropouts. Not every time. When it drops out it will not connect again. Happens between 10 - 30 minutes into a race.

Have tried putting ANT+ closer but no difference. Tried restarting the lap top each time but still the drop out occur.

The ANT+ icon still flashed as does the bluetooth but I get NO SIGNAL on the paring screens. This shows on the HRM paring screen too.

The if I repair to use Bluetooth there is a 10 - 15 second delay. If I start to sprint, my avatar and readings dont show up on screen until over 10 seconds later and then when I stop the sprint my avatar and settings are showing the power and everything until 10 or so seconds later.

This happens even if I select Bluetooth at the start instead of using ANT+

Any ideas. Kinda fustrating.



Hi @Andrew_Berry2509. Sounds like something is interfering with the signal like a fan or something. Check your environment and move things away from the ANT+ dongle, do you use an extension cable to get it right next to the trainer?

Drop a recent log file into as well and see what it tells you about the signal.

Since your HRM also gets no signal, it’s probably your ANT+ USB Stick.