Constant ANT signal drops

I have only been using Swift for a little over a week and the 15+ signal drops a lap are getting old really quick. I can count on one hand and still have fingers left how many times I have encountered this with another online training program that I have been using for over three years. This needs to be sorted before you add more little do-dads and trinkets like aero wheels or some other nonsense.

What kind of trainer are you using? Do you have a power meter? It is probably the signal on your device struggling to reach your PC or Mac. Many are using USB extender cables (you can pick one up from Amazon for $5) to keep the ANT+ dongle close to your device. If this doesn’t help, it could be a wireless device in your room that is causing interference. There is plenty of discussion about this issue on the support forum. Hope this helps.

I had this issue until I started using a usb extender to place the ant+ dongle on my handlebar. Strangely it was only my HRM signal that was dropping. I haven’t had one dropout since using the cable.

Kurt kinetic road machine, powertap G3 hub, garmin gsc-10 speed and cadence and garmin hard strap heart rate monitor. I never had dropout issue with other programs when the computer is placed the same distance away from the devices.

Replace the batteries in your Ant+ devices to rule that out.

Zwift is communicating with devices far more often than other programs out on the market. I think a USB extender will solve your problem.


Do you have anything that may be interfering with signal? I used Chromecast for the first time today and had multiple drops which hasn’t happened before. A search told me that it may be signal interference. It’s possible for various other devices to cause that as well.

Maybe? I run an HDMI from my mac to a TV screen and I usually have my iPhone on a charger while playing music or a podcast and a small desk top fan. So probably plenty of interference although all the same items are running when I use my other online training program. On the other program I use 5 second smoothing for the power curve. I guess I should buy the extension cable and give that a shot.

I was having issues getting the ANT signal to pick up at all.  I bought a $3 USB extension cord, and I tuck it in between the deraileur cable housing and the headtube- no problems since.

I am having similar issues. I used to be able to ride with a stable ANT+ signal and no drops but lately I have been experiencing drops each ride.

My setup is this: Tacx Vortex, Garmin GCS-10 speed and cadance sensors, garmin HRM and a Tacx ANT+ antenna (dongle) with a USB extension cord so it is a foot away from the trainer.

I train in my garage where my router is and there is no other WiFi, Bluetooth or other signals anywhere near.