Bluetooth failures

Using Saris H3, Wahoo TICKR. On tonight’s ride kept getting dropped which wasn’t a problem yesterday. Any ideas?

I had the same issues when i was using a poor quality cable and a cheap self-powered usb-hub.
It would work fine some times, some times not.

These are the things to look at:
Bluetooth dongle placement (works best close to trainer, mine is zip-tied to one of the feet)
Cable quality and length (5m may or may not work depending on quality, 3m is generally better)
Also make sure your trainer and bluetooth reciever is NOT close to your wifi router or other repeaters ect. as there’s bound to be some interference with the 2.4 ghz network, and close proximity will produce signal errors.
If your hardware is in order, then if you’re using windows check if there are drivers that can be updated.
I use driver booster on steam (the gaming service) it’s free and does everything for me.

Hello @Robert_Graawe_V How far the iPad need to be from the wifi router to avoid interference?