Saris H3, ATV Bluetooth dropout

Bad report for me today. Did a restart of APTV and H3, fresh calibration and still had bad latency today.
Rest day for me tomorrow.

Started an hour long group ride and 24 minutes into it, lost BT.

Ride yesterday with no issues on ATV, making it 7 straight rides without drops. Given the negative experiences, I used MacBook for Tour de Zwift stage today just in case. Will go back to ATV tomorrow and try to see how it goes. @Jim_Benn are you getting complete dropouts or just latency issues? Also, quick poll: do you experience dropouts (a) only or primarily during events/large group rides or (b) all the time, including free rides?

I have read the complete threads… Oh my, I have the same issues here, ipad pro, H3 and Garmin heart monitor… My H3 is a year old. Funny enough, my neighbour has same setup but his H3 is 3 months old as well as his ipad, Garmin hr… and he has never got an issue.

I tried all the same software changes you all tried. Even ran no fan… Keeps having random dropouts… I always have to quit Zwift and back, connects right away. Zwift support been useless so far.

I also tried deleting all zwift and sarris app in ipad and start fresh. Worked well for 1 week, them it started again.

There are log files that Zwift support should look at…

Found an interesting video on Ant+ and BT (search for Bluetooth Smart vs ANT+ Connectivity Primer for Consumers by GPLama). It shows why we have to close out the Zwift app in order to reconnect to BT. At the end though, the iPad behaved different then the iPhone as the phone release the BT connection instantly while the iPad did not till you closed out the app. I know it’s doesn’t explain why we are getting the drops. It just shows there are numerous of issues going on simultaneously as the software code is different for every device.

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@Lou_Glaser I have have only had two or three complete BT drops in the last couple months, my issue is resistance latency. And what’s crazy about that is it happens out of the blue. And to answer your question I do not do large or event rides. I’m an old fart just trying to keep my cycling shape in the off season.

@Jonathan_Brault didn’t mean to ignore you, welcome to our nightmare! :grin:

haha thank you @Jim_Benn

I gave up and ordered an ANT+ and will try to use my lap top instead.

On side note, I used my wife’s ipad for a while in between all these issues and it ran fine, so I thought it was the ipad but then, out of blue, it started as well.

Zwift support wrote to me after my last email which was basically just a rant about no one was fixing this issue. I told them about this thread and the I’m guessing, level 1 support person asked me the link as they had no idea about this issue… lol

Two more straight days of ATV with no dropouts. Same set up - H3, ATV, BT HRM and iPad running companion app and Discord on BT earbuds. Each ride an hour.

I’m going to look into one thing based on other threads and then report back to this as a possibility. Stay tuned.

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@Jonathan_Brault Roger that. I have never had any issue running the Zwift/H3 combo with my PC laptop. The APTV was something I thought I would try this fall. Big mistake, it has given me nothing but grief since the last part of October.

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@Lou_Glaser You’re the last man standing!

Follow-up from another thread.

Unfortunately I have a ATV 4k and your unable downgrade that model :joy:

Don’t know if this is good news or bad news to you all, but I continue to be BT dropout free (knock on wood). I continue to restart the ATV before each ride, connect the H3 and HRM, start riding, open companion app and open Discord on iPad, then connect BT earbuds to iPad. Only other BT device around is Stages PM, which I don’t connect to head unit or ATV (head is unit powered off).

One thing I did do about 2 weeks back - my Wifi is Google Nest mesh system. I added another access point about 5 feet away from the ATV just trying to make sure I had the best Wifi signal in the pain cave. Don’t know if that has made a difference, but dropouts have stopped.


Lou, it must be all that good clean living you do! :smiley:
I have a bit of a follow-up. I did most of my rides this week with PC laptop running things, I just didn’t need the aggravation. That said, today I fired up the APTV and had a perfect ride, go figure. Now speaking to a statement of yours Lou I did do a restart of the APTV before I started my ride today. I always have fully closed Zwift in between rides but I can’t say that I have done a restart every time so I will try that process this week. Regarding my internet connection I have my APTV on ethernet so that piece is rock solid.

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I’m now up to 25 rides in a row without any BT drops. As I’ve stated previously, I really think there’s something to unplugging and restarting the ATV before every ride. Not sure what that could be doing for BT signal/lack of interference causing the dropouts, but it’s worked for me. If those who are still having problems aren’t doing that, I’d start there.

I read somewhere that restarting the ATV clears the BT stacks. Perhaps that has something to do with it. Regardless of whether it actually makes a difference, I will keep doing it until problems return.

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Well, that didn’t take long. Large group ride. 50 minutes in ATV remote disconnect pops up an H3 spins to a halt. Unlike other times, however, I went to BT controls, disconnected H3 and reconnected it. That worked and I could ride again. Power and cadence seemed right, but the speed seemed low.

The lucky streak is over. Two days in a row with BT drops. Today was not as lucky as yesterday - I had to unplug the H3 and reconnect. I am going to try downgrading the TVOS version per the information you sent @Jim_Benn . Will report back on how that works out.

I had 3 rides in a row with no cyber blue tooth flats.
I rode the theme ride (stage 6) on the MTB Thursday evening with no issues.
Saturday morning XRS climbing race, and then the fondo A ride yesterday, although yesterday I wilted so bad the last 15 minutes a cyber flat may have been more enjoyable at the time…

When people indicate unplug ATV prior to starting does that apply to ipad pro? or just actual television?