Saris Fluid 2 & Zwift Avatar not moving

Hi there,

I am very new to Zwift and trainers.
I purchased a Saris Fluid 2 trainer and received it today.

It came with a Saris speed/cadence sensor which we attached on the non-drive side crank arm as per the instructions.

I downloaded the app on my IPhone and mirrored it to TV.

The Ant+ Dongle is in the USB port on the TV

When opening the Zwift app is asks for Connection options. When I select speed sensor it pairs and then connects to speed and cadence sensor. ? It then says connected.

I see everything on my phone and tv but the avatar is not moving no matter how much Im peddling.

I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Connection is there and Bluetooth connection is fine. Still not moving.

Then I disconnected my phone and tried ant+ on laptop. Connected fine but still not moving.

What am I doing wrong? I’m a complete novice. Any advice would be appreciated.


Hi @Tania_MInnaar

Welcome to the forum.

What type of speed sensor do you have. When you are in the pairing screen do you see the speed and cadence number change when pedaling.

The ANT+ won’t work in the TV USB port. It will only work on a PC or Mac

Hi, thanks for reaching out. The sensor that came with the saris fluid 2 is the one I have. It’s called Saris Magnetless Speed or Cadence Sensor. I programmed it as a cadence sensor.

I downloaded the app on the laptop and placed the ant+in the laptop. It pics up the cadence as the numbers are changing but the avatar still does not move .

I also followed that exact video and I am able to connect it as it appears on the video. But what i picked up is that it connects as a speed and cadence sensor.

You need to set the Saris sensor up as a speed sensor, that’s what Zwift will use to make your Avatar move. Cadence alone won’t do it.


Thank you. I’ll try that

The saris sensor can only be programmed as a speed or cadence. If I program it as a speed sensor will that then work without the cadence aspect ?

For Zwift speed sensor is a must, cadence is optional. If you want to monitor cadence as well buy a second sensor.


Having never used Zwift without a cadence sensor what happens to the pedalling animation ? Does it just show a default pedalling action. Also if Zwift can’t detect your at zero cadence does supertuck work ?

Zwift will show a estimated cadense. Super tuck is linked to power. Once your power goes to 0 you will super tuck.