Samsung screen mirror drop crashes Zwift Android

I’m running Zwift on my Samsung note 8 and mirror the screen to a Samsung TV. A couple of times recently a drop out of the screen mirror has caused Zwift to crash. Frustrating as last two times were during TDZ and I then couldn’t rejoin the event.

Both devices have a fairly strong WiFi connection on the same network (Google WiFi).

Has anyone come across this or can offer advice?


Hello Paul,
Sorry for trouble, and the delayed response. During TdZ no less! Frustrating to put it mildly.

Could you contact us at and share your details and logs ?

I’ve seen at least one other report like this. We haven’t reproduced that crash yet, but with your details we can cross-reference to our crash log database, and get started on a solution.
Sincere thanks for the feedback- with crashes it’s even more vital.

Thanks Will. Happy to share details. I’m afraid I’m not that tech savvy. How do I get the log? Thanks

This may help finding the Log files.


Hey I have had zero issues with a usb c to hdmi adapter, actually does a really cool thing and turns your phone into a “computer” (samsung dex.) And you can still use your phone for the companion app or as a virtual mouse. It does everything for you. Way better than mirroring


Many thanks for the advice, will try that.

Hi Dusten, have you had any issues running Zwift on Dex lately ? Like you I’ve been using a USB-C to HDMI adapter with no issues for the last 4 months. I applied the January Samsung/Android upgrade and since then if I maximise my Dex window thats running Zwift it restarts but with a horrible low resolution that looks really stretched out. Its fine if I don’t maximise the window but that defeats the point of using a 32" TV for Zwift!

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I’ll try it tonight and see what happens. Was it the zwift update that changes this or a Samsung update? Does it still mirror without issues?

Good question - Not sure as I did the Samsung update first and then the next day when I went to use Zwift that also applied a Zwift update.
So I’m running:
Zwift - 1.0.45663
Android 10 on an S9

Ok, I’m on the same zwift version but still on android 9 with my s9. So I’ll see if I have that issue tonight. Also maybe check you tv/monitor settings to see if there is an over scan option or something that changed in the update and now needs changed on your end. I know my had bad resolution out of the blue yesterday and I had to switch it to 1080p.


Just road to the sky without any issues. I’m on the same zwift version as you but android 9 so that makes me think either the update to 10 or some settings are not right. I would disable dex labs and reenable it, flip your monitor/tv display settings. Hopefully you can tweak some settings are get it running right again. I’ll update my wife’s phone first and see if there are any issues. Good luck

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I’m thinking it was the Samsung update and I replicated the problem using a different TV.

I usually start Zwift directly from the DEX menu’s but last night I tried opening it on the phone screen first, I then switched to DEX mode and clicked the running Zwift icon on the taskbar and it opened fine in full screen on the TV!

Screen mirroring still works as before.

Glad it still works, albeit in a slightly different way. Don’t want to go back to laptop and ANT+ dongles.

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Glad you got it to run correctly. Hopefully the fix whatever issue soon so I just works. My computer is a few years old and DeX is the most reliable for me too plus no ant+ drops like the computer.
Ride on!

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Paul, I was forced to update to 10 today, and the issue is definitely with the update. How are you able to run it in dex without mirroring?

Hi Dusten - btw its John here, not Paul :slight_smile:

I know I said I had it working via Dex but since then I’ve not been able to get it working any more that way. I’ve tried various ways but as soon as the Dex window has to be resized the resolution goes wrong. Maybe I put it into screen mirroring mode by accident, but thats how I’ve ended up using it since.

I just turn the phone display brightness down so that battery life is preserved and the phone doesn’t get too hot on longer zwift rides.

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Same issue with Dex mode since android 10 update

Hi all, i’m thinking about buy a samsung dex docking station to solve problems like delayed display by wireless screenmirroring to samsung tv. But I see that there are several issues with android 10 (using samsung S9 as a device). Is this still not fixed? And will you still advise to us a dex docking station? I hope you will give me some advice. Thanks a lot!

I’m running Zwift with a Samsung S8 plus via Dex docking station w/ no issues. The docking station is great since you can connect to internet via Ethernet.