Issue running android app on Samsung Tab in Dex mode?

I had Zwift running fine earlier this week on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 in Dex mode, connected to a big screen TV via USB C to HDMI. Today when I try to run Zwift the picture on the TV is all stretched out and the menu stays on the screen. When I disconnect from the TV the app works fine on the tablet. Anyone else had a similar issue?

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It’s been a while but I did have this issue. Was resolved by a tablet reset for me.

I opt to run zwift in screen mirror mode than dex. Works a treat.

How do you use screen mirror mode? I tried connecting my Samsung galaxy tab s7 today to my big tv via a USB C to HDMI adapter, and the picture quality was terrible. Thanks

Hi Ian, when you go into dex mode, pull down on the top screen of your phone and you should see an option to use mobile as a mouse, an option to change your audio source and an option to switch to screen mirroring.

If you select screen mirror the tv screen will display your mobile screen and then select zwift from there. The resolution will be as intended. No idea why the resolution is off when opening in dex.

I’ve now fully switched from using a laptop to using my mobile. If you have another android device, you can use the companion app on that.

Hi I had same problem, but could by-pass it in samsung setups: advanced features > labs > multi window for all apps. After that Zwift opened directly full screen mode and resolution was good.
Dont forget to restart phone after that