Samsung s20


I was running zwift on a s8, using a USB c/power splitter to hdmi cable plugged into back of my old TV.

I’ve upgraded to a s20. Trying to use the same set up but when I connect the phone dex opens. With no option just to screen mirror. I can run zwift via dex but it makes the in game controls a pita.

I’ve found a hdmi setting in the phone and set this to 'display screen and I only get sound no pics.

Anyone else running zwift this way? What I’m I missing?


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The S20 rocks for Zwift! Run the game via DeX to your TV/monitor while simultaneously using the Companion app on the phone screen. Works great for me - much better than fiddling with my AppleTV.

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I used Zwift with an S20 FE sometimes, i have to turn the displace back down to 60hz and make sure its not on vivid colour or it overheats.
HDMI into a Tv adaptor or USBC into a 4k LG monitor, both work fine. Open Dex, run Zwift in full screen mode, and then use the companion App. Works pretty well.

It had crashed out of training a few times before, but i think that was due to the S20’s known overheating issues.

Thanks. I was looking to just mirror the screen but I’ve been running zwift via dex. It runs very well apart from the phone crash I had today after 20mins.

Sometimes I have to bring the Dex menu up and enable it. If I don’t do this I simply get the screen mirror feature.

Anybody had an issue with the S20 giving assuage that Zwift is causing it to overheat and it shuts down 20 seconds later. This has happened to me 4 times in the last 12 rides. Never had an issue with the S8.

That is very frustrating. It has happened once to me. I use s20 for app 6 hours a week.

Interesting. I tried that on S10 an 27" monitor but the graphics is poor and I cannot seem to be able to get to any settings. I will need to give it another go. Thanks!

I think Samsung DEX was improved in the S20 with the newer chipsets, so that’s disappointing to hear that Zwift does not run well on older models.

You might try enabling DEX Labs to boost performance - that seems to be a common solution for many apps that were not designed for DEX.