Android - Running Zwift on Samsung with DeX dock

Has anyone tried running Zwift using a Samsung and DeX dock?

Zwift support, is this even possible?

Right now the DeX dock is officially unsupported and we haven’t started testing for it yet. The hope is, in the future it will be fully compatible. :) 

If you mirror the screen using dex then zwift seems to run okay on the big screen. Zwift glitches out and crashes on start up if you try open in Dex mode (not surprising as unsupported) Dex compatability and the ability to use built in ant+ would be absolutely amazing!! My old gaming pc is on its last legs and this looks like it could keep me zwiftinf come winter!!

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Maybe one day! 

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I have used the Galaxy Note 8 using a Dex station and screen mirrored it.  It works great.  But as Andrew says you have to screen mirror it otherwise it will not work on full screen only in a window of the desktop.

And you have to go through the opening and sign-in sequence on the phone and then put it in the cradle.  After that it ran just as well as on my PC.

It would be nice to sort those glitches out and see if it can be added to Samsung Game Tune app list of apps.  Game Tune seems to optimize the games to run on whatever device.  Of course a way to maximize the screen without having to resort to screen mirroring would be good as well.

The other thing that works quite well is the touch pad mode the Note 9 goes into when in the Dex station - if you enable it.  So you don’t even need a mouse as you can just click and double click on the phone.

I expect that now that Dex will run on some Samsung phones without even a Dex station - with nothing more than a HDMI/USB C hub, the phone can be attached to the bike and used as a touch pad.

An Android Zwift was the last thing I needed in order to replace my PC, which I have given to my daughter to use.  :slight_smile:

Quick update, I’m running Zwift on Samsung Dex with my Galaxy S10e and before I was running it with an S9 they both work great with the latest versions, the graphics look a bit blocky, like it could go up in resolution quite a bit, and on android it doesn’t seem to have the same particle effects, or light scatter or something of the likes, that’s like the most noticeable thing compared with computer with an Nvidia Graphics card.

If you know any tricks to increase the screen resolution on android/samsung dex for zwift please let me know.

I am running Zwift in Samsung Dex and so far it’s great (S8 plus). At first I used a Dex cable (USB-C to HDMI cable) and would run Zwift in either full screen mode or in window mode if I wanted other applications like Discord, WhatsApp, or Training Peaks as I rode. I recently upgraded to the Dex docking station mainly so my phone would charge while in Dex mode.

Benefits of the docking station include:

  • Ability to connect to internet via Ethernet (better ping vs WiFi or 4G LTE)

  • Phone charges while in Dex mode

  • Ability to use keyboard and mouse which makes navigating the desktop easier.

So far no crashes running Zwift via Samsung Dex (about ten rides).

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I’m using a Note 9 with a USB-C cable straight to a monitor in dex mode. Carries video and audio and the monitor charges the phone at the same time. I can have Zwift on the monitor and still use the phone screen for touch-pad mode or the companion app. Seems to work well. I think if I plugged a mouse and keyboard into the USB ports of the monitor, those would work too.

Amazing what a phone can do. The 3d graphics aren’t great, but the HUD is crystal clear.

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Hey! I am trying it on S10+ but graphics is really not acceptable for me. This seems like such a miss from Zwift.