Samsung Dex Full screen

Is it possible to add Landscape view to Zwift with Samsung dex. Zwift app needs to restart and then becomes distorted if full screen mode. You can test this by connecting USB C cable to a Samsung phone and HDMI device

Interesting. I assume that it is a trivial task to make Zwift run properly in fullscreen on Dex.

This would also make it an option to run Zwift in Dex (on the hdmi output) and simultaneously run companion app on the phone.

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Why not switch to screen mirror and run Zwift from there…runs perfectly.

Is there an option to mirror screen in Dex? How would that work with companion

Hi Rod. On your Samsung device you can easily switch to screen mirroring by clicking on ‘switch to screen mirroring’ option when you pull down and you’ll have zwift in all its glory.

The compromise is you can’t use the companion app on the same device…but Im guessing you wouldn’t be able to do that in dex mode either?

The problem has been fixed with the latest update of Dex software. Zwift now runs properly in full-screen on Dex, via usbc-hdmi cable.

And, I can run companion app on the phone at the same time.

Yip, work awesome. Also works with a samsung phone and samsung tv to wirelessly cast dex.


Do you get high res graphics? I get horrible graphics when connecting to 27" monitor

I’ve no issues with the resolution on android via dex. Better on my laptop, certainly but nothing bad. I did change my screen settings on TV to give a full screen.