Samsung s20 Ultra

I just downloaded the zwift app on my Samsung s20 Ultra and it won’t allow me to scroll through the opening images to access the game. Anyone else had this issue?

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Which Zwift app are you referring to, the Zwift App or the Zwift Companion App?

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I just downloaded the app and having the same issue! Trying to drag and hold the pages I can get to page 2 but that’s it! Seriously unimpressed on first impressions!

I have the same problem. There are times that it does recognize it, but it does not mark the watts.

I had the same issue with Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+. The wizard that is shown during the first startup after installation has that wizard with multiple pages and I was able to move the page only about 1 cm even when moving finger from side to side. It was quite tricky but somehow after few minutes I got to the second page and so forth. Zwift team should consider a skip button to make life easier.

hey Petri, i just got the tab S7+ as well. is ant+ working for you? seems gone…

is the Tab S7+ working? because my Tab T is not working at all…now i try to find a big tablet with full support

I installed ANT tester app and it cannot find the built-in ANT+. I read the Tab S7+ should have it but I haven’t had any luck with it. Therefore I had to use OTG cable with ANT+ dongle and that works as long as you install ANT Radio Service, ANT USB Service and ANT+ Plugins apps. When I say it works I must remind that there are still the usual Android bugs. I have always had issues saving the workouts but I know there are many people without issues. That said the Android version is still in beta in my opinion which is a big shame in my opinion as I was hoping to use this table but will probably just wirelessly transmit PC screen to TV instead since the PC app does not crash too often.

How it’s not working at all? Were you at least able to install the app and connect the trainer via Bluetooth? To be fair I have never successfully recorded a Zwift workout on Android because it’s like the workout never existed after trying to save it but other than that I can at least do a short session just fine.

Hi @Petri_Tuononen Petri and @Skyewalkr I also have a Galaxy Tab S7+ and Ant+ is not working on mine either. BT works well.
But I wanted to ask you, how do you find graphical quality running zwift?? I think with latest update is under its capabilities (snapdragon 865+). I said that because I have a Mi 10 mobile (snapdragon 865) and although the screen is much smaller it seems to me that the rendering seems better on Mi10. How come?
Could you tell me your impressions? Thanks!!

It’s my understanding that Zwift Android developer must set the quality setting manually (hardcoded) since user cannot change it themself. I don’t know the reason for this as it would seem easier to pick setting based on mobile chip but maybe they use device id or something. In another thread here somebody specifically asked that Huawei device to be set to higher quality but since Zwift devs cannot personally test every Android device it means somebody needs to be a tester. I assumed a popular device like this would get this update faster but Zwift always has strange priorities.

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Which ANT+ dongle are you using? I’m hesitant to buy the Tab S7+ and find it does not work, but don’t want to go with the “old” Tab S6.

I think the Kickr Snap connects via BLE, and I have a Garmin Dual HRM, so I think the only thing I would miss is my Garmin ANT+ Cadence Sensor. Is there a downside to falling back to the Snap’s “inferred” cadence measurement?

Brand of the ANT+ dongle shouldn’t matter but I use Anself usb stick (from Amazon). You would still need a USB-C OTG adapter to connect it though. It’s more practical to use BLE so I bought Garmin HRM-Pro that can also connect with BLE. My trainer is Tacx NEO and haven’t yet had issues with this device combo.

Thanks Petri. I ordered a Tab S7+ and will replace my ANT-only cadence sensor with the Garmin Cadence Sensor 2, which is dual ANT+/BLE. Looking forward to using the Companion app now that the phone (S10+) will not be running Zwift.