Stuck on welcome screen on Samsung Galaxy S23+

Hi all,

I usually run Zwift on a tablet but I also use the app on my phone to purchase items etc.

I just purchased the new Samsung Galaxy S23+ though and I can’t get past the “Welcome to Zwift” screen when I open the app. I’ve tried deleting it and re-installing but the issue just reoccurs.

Does anybody have any advice?

Thanks in advance.


I hear you, this is a real PITA on a new install, as there are no buttons to push!

Try dragging the screen from right to left slowly with multiple fingers. It may require a two hands technique. Drag a bit to see the screen moving and before releasing put the fingers of the other hand on the very right edge and drag along. It should eventually jump to the next / login screen.

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If this is the same issue I’ve seen before it’ll be exactly that, you need to swipe the screens.

However on certain devices, mainly Samsung’s this is a mammoth task as you’ll find you get halfway across the screen and it jumps back.
It’s taken me upwards on half an hour previously using both mine and the wife’s hands simultaneously.

Thanks both. This describes my issue perfectly. I have managed to scroll across but still can’t get to a log in screen. This was not on my Samsung Galaxy S21 a week ago nor is it a problem on my Galaxy tablet.

It’s infuriating but thankfully the tablet is my main device in game.

None of the 3 screens (when you can finally get to them) provide an option to log in. It’s a complete dead end.


I am having the same issue. :frowning:

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This isn’t anything to do with pairing or connectivity, there simply is no way past the 3 intial screens when opening the app. No option to log in, register, pair devices etc.

I’m pleased to report that this issue is now resolved. Perhaps a fix was issued in the latest update.