Log on problem

Hi all…often after tapping on my Zwift icon ( on desktop) I just get a series of messages featuring different options which just go round and round in a never ending loop.
I have to exit this and try again, sometimes I get the log on screen quite quickly…other times after a minute or so, rarely straight away. Really frustrating when you are waiting to start your ride.
Has anyone any idea what is happening here?
Thank you in advance Phil.

What sort of different options are coming up in those messages? Sounds a bit odd.

Hi Steve …thank you for replying, there are four or so showing different features…I will make a list or take some screenshots later today and get back to you,
Its so frustrating not knowing how long it’s going to take to log on.
Thanks again Phil.C.

Just tried it and its seems ok today !!
It starts with a women’s event then switches through several other screens with zwift events etc and it just kept rolling in a loop.
But today it went straight to the login screen after a very brief show of the first page, so I couldn’t grab a screenshot.
However Its bound to do it again at some point, so I will do so then!
Thank you again for the help…Phil

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That sounds like the launcher, and normally you get some “adverts” for events and similar that might roll through, as you say.

But it’s great that it’s working, and hopefully will stay that way now.

Yes …that’s it, “launcher”!..it either moves to the login screen after showing maybe one advert, or just rolls on repeating itself without moving on, and its then that I’m stuck, because I can’t manually get rid of it without closing and starting again in the hope it will get to the login screen this time!
Anyway it was ok yesterday so keeping my fingers crossed! Doesn’t look like anyone else has had this issue!
Thanks for your input…