Zwift App doesn't work on Samsung S21

I recently purchased a Samsung S21 phone and the Zwift App (Not Companion - it works fine) won’t open properly. The app loads and then I can’t swipe the screen to get into it.
Anyone else have this issue and how did you fix?

Do you mean the login screen? If so, just tap the little arrow/triangle to the right of your name.

This is all I get. The screen doesn’t want to swipe left to get through the screens to start. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.
Pic included

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Wow - total bummer. You can’t even get to the login screen. I have no idea what to suggest other than clear all the data from the Zwift app and/or reinstall from scratch. Maybe something got corrupted along the way? Hope you get it working.

I tried a new tablet earlier just to see what the performance was like (it was turd), and I sort of got stuck there too. Try swiping literally all the way from the very right hand edge of the screen to the very left.

I had the same issue with an S21 Plus. I kept dragging and swiping, dragging with two hands, like I’d swipe right edge to the left, then before lifting my finger off the screen, start another swipe from the right edge again. It took a lot of tries, but I finally got the “Got it” button to show up, then I was able to login and everything runs normally.

This affects certain phones, had it on an older Samsung and had to do the two handed swipe tactic.

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Hi. What did you do. I am struggling right now

Swipe from the far right all the way to the left, you should be able to get through the 3 screens to hit “got it”

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Same issue with Galaxy S20 :frowning: any update??

Sorry haven’t been on all summer.


Hi, Ihad the same issue and it is quite simple to resolve. Swipe from extreme right to extreme left and the screen will change and get you to the log in screen. Hope this helps.

I had the same issue with my Samsung Tab A7 (2020) and like others have said, swiping all the way from right to left worked for me.

I managed to get through this screen by swiping the entire length of the phone screen (takes a couple tries), but the app will not connect to any devices once you get to the other side. No trainer, no HRM, no cadence meter.

Verified Samsung Health will successfully connect to HRM, yet Zwift can’t find it at all.

App updated in Play Store - Says my phone is not compatible. It’s an S21 5G (SM-G991U). Any advice, or will Zwift fix this for my phone?

The S21 seems to have issues.