Samsung s10 in 1080 or 4k?

Is it possible to use zwift from samsun s10 and gett 1080p 60 fps ?
or better. Ultra mode.
I will use a usb c to hdmi cable to connect my TV. the phone supports 4k this way, as i inderstand from the specs.

TV connection
Wireless: Smart View (screen mirroring 1080p at 30fps)
Wired: supports DisplayPort over USB type-C. Supports video out when connecting via HDMI Adapter. (DisplayPort 4K UHD at 60 fps)

This could be a tricky one.

What worked for me:
Connecting the phone via usb-c cable to usb-c monitor.
This way you can use screen mirroring or Samsung DeX.
If you go with screen mirroring remember to set the phone on the
highest res/performance settings that it supports.
If you go with DeX it may require an app restart to get it into
full screen mode.
Both have about the same performance, which brings us to the main issue
here and it is the really ‘low res’ graphical resources that come with
the android version of Zwift. The game is not looking very good on
a small phone screen, and when you put it on a modern monitor or TV it
gets really bad.
The whole game engine is underdeveloped for Android. For example the
patches of snow on the Alpe are just big white polygons with no texture at all.

What did not work:
Connecting the phone to hdmi TV, with usb-c dongle, adapter or cable.
This is a common issue, but your millage may vary. I’ve tried 3 different
dongles and none of them worked, I highly suggest using one from you OEM.
If you get it to work there remains the issue of battery drain.
While the usb-c monitor/TV is charging the phone over the same cable,
the HDMI won’t. If you do a lot of long sessions like 100k and the sort
this might be a problem.

As of now I don’t see any graphics settings in the Zwift Android app,
but having some would be nice for use cases like this one.

Just for reference my setup is: Samsung S9 (Android version 10)
and Dell S2719DC monitor.

Hi Dimitar, that is really good input, thank you for that!

I have the following problem:

I run both a Galaxy S8+ (Android 9) and a Galaxy S10+ (Android 10) on an acer 4K 27"" Monitor with Samsung Der - so USB-c to HDM cable.

When I connect the S8+ with Android 9, Zwift runs fine in fullscreen (of course graphics lack of quality, like you described).

When I connect my Galaxy 10+ however to the same monitor with the same cable, in fullscreen mode ZWIFT is stretched in a very ugly way. I tried other 2 Monitors with both mobiles with the same result. Even when I first start Zwift on my S10+ and than connect to DeX, it gets a bit better but not like on my S8+. So I presume it could be the Android Version 10 on my Galaxy S10+ causing the problem.

Do you have experienced the same , and do you have any suggestion how to solve the problem? Thanks a lot for your Help!

Cheers, Emanuele

You got it right, it is the Android 10 version, that is causing the problem.
Zwift is not working correctly on DeX + Android 10. I see there have been
some changes in Android and DeX mode. The only proper way to make this
work is for Zwift devs to make the app compatible with DeX.
There is very clear documentation on the subject by Samsung, and it
basicaly involves pasting a couple of lines of code here and there,
though testing the app might be more time consuming. Given the long
list of bugs, Zwift has some bigger fish to fry for the moment, and I
don’t see them dedicating time for this.

If you feel brave you can try with apps like DeX MAX, but this one hasn’t
been updated since 2017, thus highly unlikely to work at all in 2020,
and to me at least not worth the risk.

I tried with a usb-c hdmi to TV with my samsung s10 looks pretty good. it says connection is 4k, but don´t what zwift gets. used this on a 58" TV works good. should be convenient if this was documented somewhere.
but decided i needed a better solution so bought a gaming laptop this week, now it really rocks! :upside_down_face:
got a good one so ultra and 4k! much more details and sharper build, have Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti

Thanks a lot for your reply Dimitri, so I’ll just go on with my “old” S8+ :))

So with your gaming laptop, you are no longer using your android at all, is that right? I need a set up that uses my Samsung S9 android for the internet connection, because I live in rural USA, but would like to connect to a bigger screen without losing screen resolution. Is there a monitor with a charging usb-c to usb-c
port you can recommend.