Zwift using an android phone to tv via a cable

Hi i have been using my Android phone to zwift, and due to the size of the screen it can be difficult at times to see all the details needed. I dont want to pay for a laptop, apple tv or tablet, and so am trying to see if there are other options. I know that you can screen cast, but this causes lagging issues and the picture quality isn’t great, and so thought would using a physical cable from my phone to the tv work. Is there anyone that does this, and if so how well does it work, from a picture quality and streaming rate point of view

Yes. I just use a usb to hdmi cable.

Quality is fine, no lag.

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You can purchase Android USB to HDMI adapters on Amazon. I had this setup and it worked very well if you don’t mind navigating Zwift with your phone. Just make sure the adapter has the ability to charge phone while using or battery will drain quickly.

Just be aware that not all Android phones seem to support HDMI output through their micro-USB or USB-C port.