Connecting phone to TV and charging

Ok so basically i am using zwift through my android phone and using a cable to view my phone on a lcd tv (usb C to HDMI)(non smart). My issue is not being able to charge my phone at the same time as linking to the tv as zwift absorbs phone battery, i have tried wireless charging but the phone then disconnects from the tv. I have also tried a a usb splitter to connect both to the tv and power supply but again my phone wont apear on the screen. Am i being stupid? Is there any obvious solution to this. Or am i better off buying apple tv or something dedicated to run zwift off

Hi @Mark_Howard1

A setup like that will work acceptably for presenting static content like a powerpoint presentation, but it’s probably more frustrating than it’s worth to run a graphics-hungry game app. Most phones have relatively limited graphics processing horsepower to drive an external monitor for that purpose, and putting a series of adapters in the data signal path add their own bottleneck.

Ideally, you want a reasonably graphics-capable device (meaning not ancient hardware) running the Zwift game app, and the Zwift Companion app running on a separate mobile device. AppleTV is popular because of it’s relatively low cost, but a spare laptop might also do the job if the hardware is capable enough.

You could try a google chromecast on your TV and cast Zwift freeing up your usb port to charge the phone? First, check to make sure you can cast Zwift, I think I’ve seen others be successful with that in the forums…

I run zwift on a s8. Use a splitter usb c/hdmi which has a mains power connection.

This both chargers phone and displays zwift on a tv.