Zwift mirror screening

Can any1 help do I need cables from my phone to tv , if I have wifi Bluetooth a Wattbike with model B monitor when it comes to all their tech Im usless

It helps if you would write in complete sentences and detail what you have; including operating systems, etc.
If english is your second language: bullet points help
If english is your first language: please write better

What I think you are saying is you want to get Zwift from you phone and display on your TV…is this correct? If so it depends on the operating system of your phone. If iOS (aka iPhone) get an Apple TV and Airplay to the TV (wirelessly cast) or even use the Zwift app on the ATV. If you are Android based, you might be able to Cast to the TV…depends on the model.
List what you have comprehensively and help will be forthcoming.


get a iPhone ( lightening or usbC depending on model) to HTML adaptor from apple.
Then you just need a cable from the iphone to TV
Get the one that also has a charger port, batteries dies at the worst times

Lol iv found out how to do it without your help , but I would just like to say the information you have provided is all wrong , as you pointed out write complete sentences but please do your research before commenting, and also learn some manners hope this helps

what exactly is wrong, its exactly what I did to run Zwift on my iPhone ( to an HDMI ( sorry typo in above) TV) before getting an Apple TV !!!