Casting/Mirroring to TV from Phone

I am new to Zwift and just purchased the Saris Fluid2 which is a dumber trainer apparently so I blue tooth to a speed sensor. I am trying to mirror my iphone to my tv using wifi but I cannot find a free app to allow me to do so. Help! :slight_smile:

I don’t use any Apple products but are you able to mirror anything else to this TV using your phone?

AirPlay is provided by Apple and is available on your iPhone. The TV would have to be compatible with AirPlay for it to work, or you would need to add something to the TV to receive the signal. Your other option would be to use an HDMI cable between the phone and the TV. This often works better than screencasting. For that you should get the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter. Many of the cheaper non-Apple adapters are junk.

If you have a smart TV it may allow Airplay - usually it would not be on by default and you will have to go into the settings to turn it on. I do what you’re trying to do with my iphone and Roku TV and it works well.

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Hi @Fran_Britten welcome to Zwift forums.

Casting to a TV works great for streaming movies, but tends to be very laggy when the content isn’t buffered - things like flipping slides during a Powerpoint presentation for example. For a game like Zwift where your power output fluctuates from one second to the next - the constant delay can be maddening.

In general, a hard-wired connection between the device running Zwift to the external monitor is a better option. Might you own a laptop capable of running a 3D game or AppleTV? Those devices are a little easier to set up with an external monitor.

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