What's the easiest way to display Zwift from a Pixel 3 XL to a TV?

(Jason) #1

I have a Google Pixel 3 XL with the Zwift beta app on it. I want to run Zwift on my phone and display it to a big screen LED TV. I tried casting my Pixel’s screen using Chromecast, but found it laggy.

Would a USB-C to HDMI cable work? Something like this one or maybe this one to keep the phone charged while I Zwift?

I know that you can do something similar with an iPhone using a Lightning to HDMI cable.

(Adam) #2

I tried a basic USB-C to HDMI cable on my Pixel 2 and it didn’t work. I found out there’s no direct video out on Pixel phones. I was able to get it working using an OTG USB cable plugged into a DisplayLink adapter. I haven’t figured out the charging part but it may be possible with some DisplayLink docks.