Charge iPhone SE while connected to tv?


First of all, I’m very new here so sorry if I’m posting in the wrong category.

I use zwift by connecting my iPhone to the tv with a hdmi cable and using the iphone app. It works fine, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows a way to additionally charge an iPhone SE while doing this. I know newer iphones can charge wirelessly but what about the older SE?

Thanks for any reply.

Maybe … you’ll have to find a Lightning to HDMI adapter that also has a Lightning connector in addition to HDMI. Check out as a possibility.


Thanks for your reply.

Maybe I should have been a bit more clear when I wrote the opening post. The cable that I use is similar to this here:

So I actually am charging while playing. It’s just that it charges so slowly that zwift takes up more of the battery that it actually gets from being charged up. Is there anything I can do about that?

Just make sure your phone is fully charged before Zwifting :bike:

Make sure that all other apps are properly closed and not running in the background.

I’ve got a few (Garmin Connect being one of the worst) that suck the life out of my battery.


I use the Apple one - it is way more expensive but I find it charges properly while using.

How many hours can you zwift for before the battery runs out?

It doesnt Jeff. It stays at the whatever charge it starts on - so I guess the charge is at the same rate as usage. I’ve done 4 hours on it no problem (for the phone rather than me…)

OK, thanks for sharing that with me.