Zwift 4k in 60 fps

I have a Asus gaming laptop with Intel 11th gen i5 and RTX3060 GPU, connected using HDMI to a 65 inch Samsung 4K TV.

When I run Zwift in Window mode I get 4k and 60 fps on the TV

When i run Zwift in full screen mode I get 4k but only 30 fps on the TV. Seems to be locked at 30

Anyone knows why i only get 30 fps in full screen mode? And if there’s anything I can do to get 60 fps?


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Using full screen mode in Zwift gives vsync control to the game/Nvidia driver and away from Windows itself. So check your vsync settings and refresh rate. If all are correct (or you haven’t changed them from default), it’s likely that your HDMI cable and/or port in use on the TV aren’t capable of 4K60. If you’re not sure where to look, post the exact TV model.


TV model is Samsung UE65TU8305KXXC
Laptop is ASUS FX516P

The hdmi cable is brand new and should be the latest and the greatest hdmi version.

I’m thinking that since it is OK to run 4k 60 fps in window mode, the TV, cable etc must be ok and supports it.

Using the TV as a screen to the laptop, 4k, 60 fps is ok.

It is only when Zwift starts in full mode, the TV switch to 30 fps.


Not necessarily, full screen mode is different to windowed.

Ensure Input Signal Plus is enabled and that you’re not using HDMI port 4 (if it has one).

Input signal plus (konfiguration on the TV)?
If I run full, turn off vsync or set nvidia driver to performance i get ingame fps around 120 fps, but the hdmi port is still on 30 fps, which makes the rider very glitchy

Yes, on the TV: How to get the best settings for UHD gaming on Samsung TV | Samsung Caribbean PS: I wouldn’t bother with Game Mode which is mentioned on there, I’ve seen it introduce some issues with Zwift.

To be clear, you don’t need to touch any of the Nvidia settings from default (aside from enabling triple buffering). Put them back.


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