Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Hi all,

I’m currently set up with a basic TACX Bluematic trainer and I have a Garmin speed/ cadence sensor on my bike - have that hooked up to Zwift no problem for my rides. My Garmin strap heart monitor, however, has decided to give up the ghost…now I know the Gear S3 heart rate isn’t as accurate but is there a way to connect it separately via Bluetooth to Zwift so I can get a general HR stat again? I’m by no means a pro looking to train for the Tour de France - just an average Joe trying to stay fit during the winter doing what I love for exercise :slight_smile:



hi did you get anywhere with this?

Not really but from other searches and sources, it seems I just have to disconnect the Frontier from my phone and then pair with Zwift - I was hoping I wouldn’t have to unpair/ pair every ride…haven’t tried yet due to a lingering flu/ cold so haven’t been on the bike :frowning:

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cool - hope you get better soon!

Hi Daniel and Kevin,

There is now an option to use the Gear S3 with Zwift for heart rate and running speed