Polar and Geonaute problem

(Calea Razvan) #1

Hi ,

I tried to pair with Zwift the Polar H7 heartrate belt and Geonaute speed and cadence sensors over the bluetooth. Zwift did not see any of them… What is wrong ? I thought that with the implementation of bluetooth we can pair any BT smart sensors … Pls help

Thank you!


(Scott) #2

Hi Calea - some users have reported mixed success pairing the Polar H7 HR belt in the BLE beta feedback post. We have a sample coming to the office and will investigate. 

Would you mind posting a link to the product info page of your B’TWIN BLE speed/cadence sensor so we can look into it? We’re familiar with the ANT+ model. Thanks!

(Calea Razvan) #3

Hi Scott,


Thank you for your quick answer. It seems that the people at Zwift takes our problem seriously. I attached you some pictures of the Btwin INRide 320 trainer that comes with the Geonaute speed and cadence sensors. This trainer belongs to a friend of mine that wants to use Zwift but no can do due to the problem described.

I just got one more question: I want to buy a Tacx Trainer Flow T2240 with an electromagnetic brake. This means that Zwift will control the strength of the pedalling during a climb ??  Also, because the trainer will come without any spped or cadence sensor and i am a Polar fan, it will be wise for me to buy a Polar speed and cadence sensor ?? This one, it will be detected by Zwift???


Thank you 



(Scott) #4

Thanks, Calea! This is very helpful :slight_smile: We’ll look into getting our hands on that speed/cadence sensor to investigate.

The Tacx Flow T2240 is supported and will simulate resistance for gradient changes, drafting, etc . You can see a full list of support trainers in our Getting Started Guide.

If you’re looking to use the BLE beta functionality and just need a cadence sensor, I would recommend the Wahoo RPM. You won’t need a speed sensor with the Tacx Flow as it will broadcast watts to Zwift.

(Calea Razvan) #5

Thank you Scott, i bought the Tacx Flow 2240 and at a first try it works very good. Had no time to test it on the bike, but i’ll do that today. One more question pls. At tis moment i am using an iphone 6 and a MacBook Air, but the macbook air spits hot air and i am afraid not to damage it. Could you tell me if i run Zwift on a windows pc with a dedicated graphic card and with my Iphone 6 it will work? Or i must have macbook and iphone … I an not sure how the connection between phone and pc is made, this is why i am asking.

Thank you !

(Scott) #6

No problem, Calea! The MacBook Air fans will run as it takes some power to run the graphics and dissipate the heat. No worries - that’s just the fans doing their job.

Zwift will run great on a PC - the better the graphics card the better. Zwift Mobile Link connects over WiFi so make sure your iPhone 6 is connected on the same WiFi network as your computer.

(Mark Simpson 45RC) #7

I have been using the Polar H7 for the last 6 days absolutely fine with a Wahoo Blue SC. However tonight the H7 would not connect at all. All other apps seeing H7 fine. Made sure all other app then are turned off, but Zwift will not see H7 at all. ARRRRRRR. Bought the H7 mainly for Zwift.

(Peter Jurg) #8

Did you find a solution for this? My h7 won’t connect either. 

(Calea Razvan) #9

No, i still cannot connect my Polar H7! 

(Calea Razvan) #10

Hi Scott! Pls can you tell me what is the stage of Polar BLE implementation? I have no problem now connecting my Geonaute HR or Speeed/Cadence BLE sensors but my Polar H7 HR cannot be found by Zwift. I also want to buy a Polar V650 cyclocomputer and Polar speed and cadence BLE sensors for my bike. I am stuck , because i want to use them also for my trainer in ZWIFT…i don’t know if i should buy them or not, if they will work with ZWIFT or they will act like my Polar H7. I don’t like the geonaute HR belt because is rigid, i prefer Polar accessories. Pls help ! Thank you !

(Dirk Witjes) #11

I cannot connect my Polar H7 too. All other apps (Cyclemeter, Strava) seeing H7 fine. 

(Kristina Pearson) #12

I am also having issues connecting my H7.  It paired the first time I tried it a couple months ago and I haven’t been able to get it to show up in Zwift since. 

(Chris Jefferies) #13

We are having the same problem,  Zwift can’t see our H7 strap at all but works fine with our wahoo sc sensor. 

(Russell Grant) #14

I would like to use Polar H7 as well. Is it possible to use ANT+ for power and Bluetooth for heart rate simultaneously?

(J LeBel) #15

For anyone who’s having issues with the Polar H7 and Zwift, you need to run Zwift on the PC first, which will detect all of your other devices that you have. Then, open up Mobile Link. Once open, go back to the application on your PC in the Pairing window, and try to do a Search on the heart rate monitor.

I personally haven’t had any issues with my H7 and Zwift, yet.