Galaxy s3 help for speed and HR

Hello, I am running on zwift and using an app for the galaxy s3 watch for my speed and HR. Heartrate is working great but the speed is off considerably. sometimes up to 0.5 mph or more. I have tried calibrating with no positive result. I am using the “heartrate and speed Transmitter” by BIPR. I am also using the “always on” feature on my watch to limit the disconnections. But when I try to adjust and keep the speeds accurate I lose connections. is there a better app that I could use ? Any help would be appreciated. ty.

Hi John,
Welcome to the forums. We don’t formally support bridging over 3rd-party apps, for running on Android.
Have you considered a Zwift Run Pod? Details here:
Thank you for the question, and sorry I didn’t have a better answer.

That’s cool. I just ordered a stryd yesterday. I am hoping that solves a lot of the issues. hopefully it will still work as a HR monitor only and then I can connect with the stryd for speed and pace. One more question, is it possible to do a run outside and upload it to zwift in order to get credit for it during a training program ?

You can run Zwift on your phone while running outdoors if you want the distance/xp. Just be aware, from what I have heard, Zwift will eat up your cell phone battery.

en donde puedo conseguir esa aplicación no la encuentro

me ayudas como poder usas mi gear s3 con zwift