Heart rate devices

I am new to zwift and cannot get zwift (on ipad) to pick up my hr from garmin chest band or my samsung galaxy watch. any ideas where I may be going wrong? When i click on the heart rate button it scans but doesnt find either device.

Zwift on iPad is Bluetooth only and most Garmin HRM (Except for the Dual) is ANT+ only.

I am guessing that the Samsung Watch only broadcast HR in real-time in ANT+ also.

You will need a dual band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr or Garmin Dual or others that broadcast in Bluetooth.

thanks Paul. just looked and you are right about the garmin band. Ive just found an app on the galaxy watch appstore that may help it broadcast the hr.

Keep in mind that watch HRM’s are notoriously inaccurate. I have a Garmin watch but I use a dual band chest strap. The watch can be wildly off. One thing you can do is purchase an inexpensive dual band HRM. You don’t have to go for the name brand products. I use a CooSpo dual band HRM bought from Amazon for $32, what appears to be the same unit marketed under the Magene name for $28, and a CooSpo Bluetooth only for $25. Inexpensive solutions.

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I’ll second the CooSpo one, I’ve found it to be more reliable than my old Garmin strap & somewhat cheaper with replacement straps at around £10.

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I’ve been a Garmin chest HRM user for years but have grown tired with the delay in it recording correctly until you get sweaty.

I’ve just bought a £12 arm based dual band one off Ebay and its accuracy is great. 20 hrs battery and USB rechargeable. So much more convenient.

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I found that moistening the Garmin strap contact pads with tap water works for me. No sweat necessary.

I bought a 4 ounce bottle of Heartbeat Signal Enhancer years ago. Water from the tap seems to work just as well.

I tend to moisten it but it still gives erroneous readings. Not a massive issue on the bike as I don’t tend to train to HR on that

I do on the running side of things so the arm one is ideal.