Galaxy Watch Heart Rate Connection Not Working

Is there a way to connect a Galaxy Watch Active 2 heart rate to Zwift?

I think you can install an app on the watch to let you broadcast the HR over Bluetooth.


Are you referring to the bipr BLE Heart Rate and Running Speed Transmitter?

It doesn’t exactly look so professional/trustworthy and would prefer not to rely on a 3rd party $7.34AUD dodgy app!

Yes, that’s what I was thinking if. Perhaps someone here who has one of those watches can give some more input.

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The Galaxy watches are very common. I am sure direct HR integration would be widely adopted. I know the HR transmitted via watches isn’t particularly accurate but its a great baseline for us that aren’t overly serious. The Apple Watch seems to work fine so I dont see why Zwift can’t cater to those in the Galaxy ecosystem in the same way.

Isn’t it more an issue of the watch not transmitting HR over BT by default?

Samsung are saying it is a Zwift issue. I suspect Zwift will say it is a Samsung issue and I will be stuck in between…I hope I am wrong and Zwift can release an update!

Try download Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor app from the Galaxy Store.I managed to transmit HR from Galaxy Watch to Zwift. To make it work: settings on screen time out (max) and off wake up gesture.