Samsung Watch 4 Compatibility


Will there be an update to the watch compatibility list? Ideally the new Samsung watch 4…

What are you trying to use the watch for? As a speed source?

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Speed and cadence & heart rate as the watch supports all 3. I can find an app to Bluetooth the heart rate over but not for speed/cadence

From my reading the watch only tracks your speed and cadence and doesn’t transmit these over BT or ANT+ so it’ll not work with Zwift

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I’m fully aware of this, did you even read the first post?

I did.

Owing to your appalling attitude I’ll not try to assist further.


You will need to contact Samsung about that question. Zwift has no control if a watch can broadcast the needed metrics.

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With what app can you measure the heart rate on your Samsung watch 4 ?

It’s called heart for Bluetooth, it’s the only one I’ve found that will pair up with Zwift. I’ve found its not as accurate as a heart rate monitor though.

We have just released a beta version of HR2VP for Wear OS which runs on the watch 4. The app can broadcast heart rate as well as power to Zwift. You can connect an external Bluetooth HRM if you want more accuracy. With the app, you can use Zwift on any bike, without having to mount sensors on the bike. You only need your watch, your smartphone and optionally an external HRM.

04/2022 - I have tested the heart rate accuracy on the current version with my Galaxy Watch 4 Calssic, and it is accurate and really simple to install and use with Zwift and my Schwinn ic4 / ic8.
Just make sure if you use this to configure the app on the watch through “Galaxy Wearable” on your phone to “Allow background activity”

You can try to use the Heart for Bluetooth app on your watch (available on the play store, can’t link here)