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Guys, i am quite new to Running as I have been Racing on Cycling Events on zwift for most of the time… I have just a question for running, it seems zwift cannot find my galaxy 5 watch for running via bluetooth… i tried searching on the forum but i cannot find any. Do you guys have a suggestion for this to work… I need the speed (accelerometer ) and heart rate from this smart watch to connect to zwift run as it has built-in features within the watch. Thanks again :pray:

I don’t know about the Galaxy 5, but my Garmin Forerunner 245 if I want to use it to send heart rate to anything such as zwift I have to turn a broadcast setting on, maybe something similar on the Galaxy 5

Check out this youtube video Zwift: pair your Galaxy Watch 5 for Heart Rate - YouTube

Thanks for the reply, and appreciate it, have tried it on my end, unfortunately for running, the application speed is computed based on heart rate… not the accelorometer, so it will run without me moving… but nonetheless, the app is good… but am looking for the zwift to directly use the smart watch built in accelorometer… thanks

in the video for cycling it described how to link it to cadence sensors, do you have an on shoe cadence sensor for running that may be possible to link in a similar way

I have come across that option as well, like buying an external footpod like the Zwift runpod, polar and stryd. I was actually looking to that as my last option in case the Zwift cannot really read Galaxy Watch 5 accelerometer by its own, am just really hopeful still that there is still a way somehow that it can work without extra accessories except for that smart watch, (as tons of my equipment were really for Zwift cycling) so buying another accessory will be my last option to avoid being POLICED within the house hahahah… But nevertheless, I really appreciate tons of your suggestions. Seems I am not the only trying to figure this out… Thanks for that

I wouldn’t expect a Galaxy watch to play nice with Zwift - a lot smart watches are closed ecosystems.

The Garmin HRM-Pro+ chest strap HR monitor is a good choice for runners: not only for reliable HR but it also acts as a footpod and step tracker. Supports ANT+ as well as triple Bluetooth Smart connections. You can often find discounts on these, though you just missed Prime Day, unfortunately. Check with your health insurance provider for Garmin discounts.

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Thanks CJ, I have never thought that Heart Monitor such as the garmin pro could also serve as footpod as well… Though I have one dedicated for cycling but a different brand but that would be a nice workaround specifically from Garmin as that could serve in both running and cycling indoors outdoors as well. Thanks for that information… If the smart watch could not blend in just yet with zwift indoors (hoping they would in the future), the garmin hrm pro, footpods from zwift, polar and stryde are my next options… thanks awesome solutions guys🙏