Running two apps same cave were confused

Hard to title. But we have two Kickr’s separate subscriptions to Zwift. No issues for the first couple of weeks. Today during stage 4 we had some confusion. One climbing at 8% super easy like pedaling downhill the other while at 0% was in granny gear nearly able to pedal. The speed and power seemed correct but the effort was opposite. Tried a a spin down on one with today’s update. Unplugged the other because the spin down would not work. Kept failing. The one that succeeded finished the race with no more issue but the other one was unplugged. Finally got the other to complete a spin down . Not sure what to think.

Hi Gene,
you could try connecting one Kickr over Ant+ and the other over bluetooth if that is possible for you. You shouldn’t have to I guess but it may keep things more separate.
Also, if everything has been alright in the past have you changed the way or order in which you start up and set up? I was having problems if I didn’t turn off bluetooth on laptop before setting up. I now have a strict order of setting up differing devices.

Not sure if any of that will help, but hope it may.

Hi Troy,

Thank you for responding. I will look closer at our startup process. I use a laptop for Zwift and Android for companion. My wife is using apple phone for Zwift with apple 4k and apple iPad for companion. It was odd, we had to quit our ride. I shut mine down completely and unplugged the wahoo. Her system went back to normal once she restarted another ride. Today we will do a trial and pay attention to the order. Thank you again, I appreciate the input.